El Tío Bernie and his mittens spotted in México!

Just to show how much Mexico loves Bernie Sander – A Piñata workshop in Mexico is recreating the viral Bernie Sanders meme

The vermont senator made waves when he came to the inauguration completely underdressed in a heavy winter jacket and patterned mittens. They were the mittens seen around the world.

The very creative Entrepreneur and Artist Dalton Avalos was inspired by the viral image of Democrat Bernie Sanders and the Piñata shop in Tamaulipas, Mexico 

It was a hot item, He believes not necessarily to hit it but to have it as a decoration!

The Piñata takes Dalton a day to make, and the price ranges from $40 to $75 – that’s not the end. It seems people are asking for more and his in the works of making 5 or 6 different Bernie Sanders Piñatas.

Interesting Fact: It seems Sanders is cashing in and has raised $1.8M for charity from marketing his image. Let’s all wear home made mittens!

From A Revolution Guide Book to Coffee Mugs, Bernie has become an icon.

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