Breaking down barriers and taking names- Rosie Rios!

Rios is the 6th of 9 children born to a single mother in Hayward, California.

She went to a small school you may have heard of Harvard (Sarcasm) and one of her many amigos at Harvard was this muchacho named Obama, someone you may have heard of. 

When Obama became president, he asked her for ayuda because couldn’t do it without her. Under the Obama administration Rosie became The Treasurer of the United States. Yup, let that soak in. This means she handled all the cash mula for the US. 

Don’t believe us? 

Just take out your green cash, issued between 2008-2016, and check out her signature!


We were emotional when we saw a latino name on the world’s strongest currency which led us to try to try and find out more about her. 

Insert image of bill here 

As Treasurer, she implemented a handful of Tech changes to the cash system. She’s also most notably the individual that came up with the idea to have Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill – Funny how a diverse leader can bring about some powerful change – Ain’t that a B****?

She’s still on the move and not stopping: 

After leaving the Obama administration Rosie started to notice the lack of women representation in public classrooms and most importantly public statues (You know, those things that are being torn down like crazy cause people that may not have deserved them, got them like cray cray). 

She specifically talks about the fact  that the only women among Central Park’s statues are Alice and Wonderland, Shakespeare’s Juliet and Mother Goose – All fictional characters…irony anyone?

She’s inspired multiple cities to re-assess their woman/ men statue ratio so you’ll start to see more REAL women representation on your walks or public classrooms….stay tuned. 

What is she up to now?

She’s currently a part of the Biden Administration as a volunteer member supporting transition efforts related to the United States Department of Treasury – Like always, a latina raising her hand for the hard job and kicking some trasero.

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