Latinos making $$Money Moves$$

Stanford Study recently found that in 2020, 8 out 10 new businesses in the US were owned by latinos. In the last 5 years, we’ve been increasing in home ownership. In 2020 we bought 66% of new homes in the US.

Not impressed yet?

Well, it looks like we’re getting our Education on:

More importantly, It looks like the study found that millennial latinos doubled their degrees from 2000 to 2018! That’s more than any other demographic population.

Why is this happening?

Individual experts attribute this particular increase to our strong values – something that is ingrained in us through our culture. There are multiple studies being explored and written about Latinx leaders creating change in their organizations.  

The Stanford was so rich in information that Stanford has publicly stated it will be done every year. There is still a lot more information and findings coming, so stay tuned for more information here.

On a side no and De Curiosidad…..What’s our Size?

We’re pretty enormé – In the US, we make up 18% of the population – we’ve traditionally been seen as divided which is why at times generalizations don’t apply. to our group but put together we’re a significant portion. of the US population. 

Check the numbers below:

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