Afro-Latina Leaders are raising and educating us about Blackness in Latinx culture

Let’s start at the beginning – because there’s a lot….

In the US as well as Latin America, Afro-Latinos have historically been marginalized in our history books (i.e.untold stories or removed from stories). Well, A handful of strong Afro-Latina leaders are working to halt that and add their narrative back into the history books.

Who are the Afro-Latinas fighting the good fight?

Lisa Cortes, Janel Martinez, Elizabeth Azevedo, Nydia Simone, Miguelina Rodriguez,  Griselda Rogriguez-Salomon, and Bianca Kathryn are among the many Afro-Latinas that are proactively shedding light on the beauty of the Afro-Latinx community – to read more about these impresionante ladies click here.

Afro-Latinas in action

Did you know?

Of the slave population brought from African, only 3% ended up in the US, while the rest were sent to Latin America; This means that Latin American has the LARGEST population of slave descendants in the world’s western region. Crazy, right?

The Afro-Latinx story is traditionally a story, like the stories of Indigenous people that have been suppressed.

Latin America


Because it was only the European settlers that had the means to write the stories. 

In recent years, you’re seeing more inclusion of the Afro-Latinx community in our Spanish stories and we are loving it!

Fun Fact:

Mexico’s 2015 census, identified that about 1.38M individuals identified as having African Ancestry, and the government believes that it’s only growing with many more going to México from Africa and the Caribbean.

You may remember one of the most famous Afro-Mexican who received a 2014 Oscar and gave a shout-out to México, in Spanish – Lupita Nyong’o!

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