Latin(X) Farm Workers -> Farm Owners

Latinx farmworkers are seeing the opportunities and jumping on the success train by buying failing farms from white owners.

A look at latin(x) farmers

Tradicionalmente, Latinx farmers have a massive amount of historic knowledge of our food system in terms of organic farming, they make up 3% of farm owners while 83% of field laborers are Latinx – wth?

Caucasian farm owner’s children don’t want to run the family farm because they find it too challenging to run during these times.

The white flight in farming is an opportunity for the business to pass on to someone that knows agriculture and Latinos are the right people for the jobs!

Dr. Laura-Anne Minkoff Zern wrote a book about these disparities, The New American Farmer: Immigration, Race and the Struggle of Sustainability. Where she highlighted and examined the journey of Latino/a immigrant farmers as they transition from farmworkers to farm owners. She aims to offer a new perspective on racial equity and sustainable farming.

To read more on this wonderful story and an interview with Rigoberto Bucio’s journey climbing up the literal food chain, click here.

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