Latinx Startups Making a Mark!

Oye, did you hear that the number of LatinX-Run Startups is going through the roof?

From 2009 to 2019 a 34% increase in startups has made Latinx founders the fastest growing demographic.


There’s just one thing. It looks like Latinx-owned businesses start smaller and stays smaller but people are working to fix that, as we speak.

Who is Helping?

Programs have popped up to help start-up founders take their organizations to the next level. One of them is theThe Elevate/ Elevar Accelerator program. It is has had some pretty big éxito.


The Elevate/ Elevar Accelerator has so much success with its first group that it’s planning to start a second group and is currently seeking applications for their program

The Elevate/ Elevar Accelerator is vocal about our poorly designed systems. They are loudly vocal about the fact that attempting to close the racial earnings gap by 2030 would increase GDP by $5T a year.

The Delaware funding competition startup 302 is another interesting option; this year, it will offer $260,000 in grant-based prizes to Scientific or tech-enabled startups. They have added additional requirements that make it interesting for Latinx founders – at least 1 founding member is required to be part of an underrepresented group that the capital industry.

Lo mas interesate de todo esto is that “closing” that racial gap, in entrepreneurship, would increase the nation’s income by $300B.

Also, a very interesting fact is that closing the education gap between black and Hispanics and white students would increase GDP by 2-4%, which is $310-$525B.

They want you to envision a nation where we all have the power to lead change so every community prospers.

In addition to the Accelerator program, they have a power-building academy or fellowships you can apply to.

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