Don Francisco: Retirement, What?

He’s going, going, back, back, to TV, TV

If you grew up in a Latin household in the 90s and early 00s…. you don’t need an introduction to Don Francisco.

We knew him as the man that made us laugh and not only added “class” and understanding to the immigrant story but helped us forget about our problems by introducing “El Chacal” to our lives – a sort of bully but a funny creature that chased after bad talent and became almost as popular as el Chupacabra. 

Don Francisco was a patriarch figure that helped us look at life through a different lens while giving helpful information in between entertainment, in his variety show. He was the one Latino, everyone liked and he united ALL Latinos: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and the rest of Latin Americans, through entertainment. 

He Connects Us…

El Don reminded us that we’re all different but we’re connected through one thing – our beautiful language and luchador spirit for the American Dream. As he himself has experience being multicultural in a word that tries to put you in a pocket. 

He left us, for a hot minute, but is now back and looking as dapper as ever as the cute Lil’ Viejito is hosting a new show on CNN en Español – Don Francisco Reflexiones 2021. This is big, not only because he wants to help the community but also because this will add to his phenomenal 60-year career. 

So why show him LOVE?

We were so excited he was back that we started to get crazy on the keyboard searching to find out more information on this but were met with very few search results. This made us sad. 🙁  He was so influential to all of our lives, that our silicon valley minds here at Barrio News were so confused at the lack of coverage for the Viejito.  

We sprung into action and decided to do what we do here – bring back kindness, one content piece at a time. This kind of coverage is what Barrio News is about y éstamos áqui to give you all the feels. 

Don Francisco is SO ready for this new adventure and in his own words, he sums up why we love him so much: “I am a communicator in my 59th year in this profession that I am passionate about, and I cannot be silent when I feel that the world has so much to say. I am grateful for this opportunity given to me by CNN en Español to share my reflections with the public and my guests.”  Don Francisco 

Where did he get all his swag from?

Fun Fact: Don Francisco’s legal name is Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld and German was his first language. Crazy, right?
He was born in Talca, Chile, and super interesting is that his parents were German Jewish refugees that fled to Chile during WWII. Is your mind blown, yet?

We found this picture of baby Don Francisco and you gotta admit, baby Don Francisco is a Lil’ Cutie and he looks just like his mama! (side note: We wouldn’t be Latinos if we weren’t making comparisons.) 

Baby Don Francisco w. Máma & Pápa

Sabado Gigante: An interesting History with some famous friends: 

Sabado Gigante, got its start in Chile in 1952, He created the formula that he saw in American TV Shows (a smart Galleta, Don Francisco) and it became an instant hit. In 1986, the show began to be produced by SIN in Miami, Florida using the same successful formula for the following 6 years. Also, the man is in the Guinness Book of World Record for the world’s longest-running TV Variety Show. If that’s not a mic drop moment, we don’t know what is.  

In the Show, Don Francisco interviewed many celebrities including Hillary Clinton & The Obamas who stayed close to him and sent him a heartfelt goodbye message during his departure. 

What’s your favorite Don Franciso moment? Feel free to share with us in the comment section or here.

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