A Latinx Anti-Disinformation Lab

Two organizations have come together with the intent to help the LatinX population get informed. Media Matters for America and Voto Latino have partnered up to develop the Latino Anti-Disinformation Lab. The groups’ goal is to fight disinformation targeted towards the Latinx community – Woop Woop!  

How we got here…

Targeting the Latinx communities in the US, with misinformation, became a powerful tool in social media platforms. According to Media Matters & Voto Latin, The platforms were used to spread misinformation, disproportionately impacting Spanish-speaking audiences over the age of 40.

It is seen as one of the contributors, among others, to the spread of COVID-19 in Latinx communities. As we know, COVID hit our community hard at significantly disproportionate rates. Side Note Here – Another contributor to the spread of the virus in our communities, is the high rate of Latinos working in essential jobs across the United States. THANK YOU – Essential Workers!

What will the partnership do?

The Latino Anti-Disinformation Lab is the largest investment in combatting disinformation in Latinx neighborhoods to date. It will combine Media Matters’ media intelligence and disinformation skills with Voto Latino’s knowledge of Latinx communities to protect audiences across all mediums against targeted misinformation. 

In doing this, Media Matters will expand its monitoring of Spanish-language media and online communities, in which teams will analyze and produce research in which Voto Latino will work to take action. Voto Latino will plan to ramp up its data and identify as well as communicate with the at-risk Latinx community. It’s a win-win for everybody!

The Numbers: Our Community

A good example of COVID-19 and our community numbers in San Francisco, Ca. In SF, the Latino population makes up 15% of the overall population in the city, yet by mid-2020 our community made up 50% of the COVID cases. This is true and replicated along with other cities across the country. In the state of California, we are 39% of the population but were 55% of COVID cases by mid-2020.

Misinformation Result – A Story:

Many of us Latinx members have dealt with some of the results of this misinformation in our community. Most notable, right now, it the tactic of trying to convince the elders in the community to get the vaccine but….. they’re scared because of what they hear from “El Face”, “El Primo”, “El Paisa” or “La Comadre”. A very relatable account of an LA Time’s Columnist journey in “convincing” his father in getting the vaccine through a podcast. It’s a great case for the reverse role Parentingthat needs to happen in the LatinX community.

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