El Museo del Barrio coming to New York

El Museo del Barrio, a Manhattan Museum is focusing on Latin American communities in the U.S. It will reach a big milestone by offering its first exhibition this Saturday, March 13th! 

La Exposición

The show will feature 42 Latinx artists and art collections that are from throughout the US. The work of these artists is intentionally coming from different states, including Puerto Rico to showcase all the beautiful cultures and melting pots of the Latino community. The goal of the exhibition is to show the diverse backgrounds of all Latinos so that we can be understood as a community. 

The show will showcase “the level of exclusion that the Latinx community is facing,” said El Museo executive director Patrick Charpenel. El Museo chief curator Rodrigo Moura said about 500 Latinx artists and artwork pieces were looked at for the 42 to be chosen. 

The artwork colorfully speaks to the current Latinx movement, both the fight for racial equity and the pandemic. It’s opening at a time when other New York institutions are focusing on the Latinx community, in different ways but what sets it apart is that it’s being built by Latinos

The Show will showcase a masterpiece by New York-born and Chicago/Michigan-based artist Candida Alvarez. To learn more about the fascinating individual that is Candida Alvarez, click here

If you’re not in New York, you can look at online projects through this link. Check it out now, our favorite so far is this one, by Michael Mechaca – it speaks to our hearts!

El Termino “Estamos Bien” 

“Estoy Bien” or “Todo Esta Bien” is often a common response among all Latino communities as a knee-jerk reaction, where we try to keep our focus on the positive side of things and proactively put those positive vibes out there.

Estamos Bien”, hit the US music market and became a trendy term in 2018 with the popularized Bad Bunny song which was released as a response to his fans who were wondering where he was. The term is known to be both positive and sarcastic.

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