Dreamers & Farmworkers: A Road to Legal Status

The American Dream & Promised Act was passed, on Thursday. In a very public attempt to honor immigrants who contribute to the US.

What does this mean?

The US House of Representatives has passed two immigration bills that are aimed to surface the way for citizenship for 11 Millones of undocumented immigrants in the country. It gives them hope and a chance to apply for citizenship.

Now that the bill has passed in the US House it’s on it’s way to the Senate.

What does this mean for Dreamers?

Dreamer candidates will be eligible for permanent residence if 1) They enrolled in a bachelor’s program for two years or earned a degree, 2) served in the US military for at least two years, or 3) worked in the country for three years. 

“It’s always been a pleasure for me to sing the praises of our Dreamers. They make us so proud,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at an event with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus at the Capitol ahead of the votes. For us, this is a day of not only passing legislation, but a cause for celebration.”

The bill comes with heavy support not just from politicians but from executives in Silicon Valley.

Tío Tim Cook

Innovative Entrepreneurs like Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple and a vocal supporter of DREAMERS have called on Congress to pass The American Dream and Promise Act.

He wrote a statement, where he stated: “As we work to reinvigorate the U.S. economy, we need their continued contributions as equal partners in the American story, and we urge Members on both sides of the aisle to vote in support of the American Dream and Promise Act to help make that possible,” To see the full statement, click here.

As the Business Roundtable Immigration Committee Chair, Tim has been a supporter for a while now. You may recall Tim’s message to Dreamers,3 years ago.

It’s not just about Dreamers, this Time! 

En Otro Voto, the House also passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act which aims to give legal status to miles de farmworkers who live in the US and have been essential to our food production during the COVID-19 pandemic. To Watch an expert talk through what this means, click here.

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