Latinx21 wants your story

“Mi Cuento, the LatinX21 Immigration Project” wants your videos honoring YOUR Latinx immigrant experience as a project that is focused on shining light on our community. 

Specifically, the project was started with the intent to give a face to the Latinx and Hispanic families who have made the United States their home  throughout the times. 

The project is looking for people who live in the United States, with roots in any of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, to share their personal stories.

While the Mi Cuento project will be running throughout 2021, the video submissions received by June 15, 2021, will be eligible to win a $1,000 prize. 

How does it work?
Videos can be whatever tells your story best – an iPhone narrative, a professional production, or animation. They are looking for super creative stories that showcase our experiences. 

The reglas for the Mi Cuento Project can be found here.

“As the daughter of Latinx/Hispanic immigrants I want to demonstrate how much our people contribute to America,” said the founder of LatinX21, Dinah Perez. “By pushing back against the negative stereotypes of immigrants, I hope to foster a culture of tolerance and inclusivity for them and their progeny. Celebrating the lives, artistry, and traditions of the peoples of Spanish-speaking cultures has always been the goal of the platform and this project is a great way for people to express pride in their personal stories.”

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About LatinX21 

As an entertainment lawyer of Cuban and Spanish descent, Dinah Perez created LatinX21 which embraces all 21 Spanish-speaking countries. Its goal is to provide a platform to view and share Latinx-centric entertainment, experiences, and information. LatinX21 aims to become a network where our diverse global community can be seen, heard, inspired, and entertained.

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