Biden & Immigration

On Thursday, Biden held his first press conference as president where there were mixed results on his performance. A large portion of his press conference addressed the migrants coming from the  USMexico border – something that is a HUGE part of not only our community but the US as a whole. 

Biden Se Defiende 

Biden defended his immigration policies in the press conference, saying he would never apologize for ending the previous administration’s policies. However, Biden is facing criticism for the challenges currently present at the border. Both Democratic and Republican senators are labeling the border situation a “crisis,”  – a term the white house has refused to use. 

On Wednesday, Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris is taking the lead in migration at the border by working with  Honduras,  Guatemala,  Mexico, and  El Salvador.  

Immigration Created The America We See Today 

The opposing view that Immigration is crowding a country is a historical course of Immigration in the US. New arrivals are often looked down on as  Irish Immigrants were 150 years ago. Then slowly, new immigrants blend into the broader American population. 

We can lose sight of how Immigration has shaped our country. The modern US has been shaped by Immigration from around the world. As Data is beginning to be compiled on Immigration; it showcases how Immigration is rejuvenating. 

Latin Americans Transforming the US 

In  Barrio America, Scholar A.K. Sandoval- Strausz, an award-winning historian, and Penn state associate professor explores the Latino Immigrant journey and how it saved the American City. Through oral histories, he places Latinos at the center of the conversation and finds that “30 years ago people were ready to give up on American Cities after decades of white flight, vanishing jobs, and street violence. Today, big cities are the powerhouses of the national economy, and urban real estate is hotter than ever.” 

Barrio America  is seen as the most robust and sophisticated rebuttal to the idea that Latin American Immigration threatens the US. This is because the book illuminates national trends in urban policy and brings Latin American people to life through their personal oral histories.

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