Vaccine Programs Working in the Latinx Community?

The fact that the pandemic is affecting our Latinx community and has been deadly is not new information to us. The Latinx community has a 30% more chance of contracting COVID than whites and two and a half times more likely to die from it in the US

The Vaccine became available in December 2020. We are now 3+ months from the Vaccine hitting the market, but the Latinx community is still getting vaccinated at lower rates. Luckily, programs are starting to ensure we close the vaccine gap between and Latinos are beginning to embrace the  Vaccine

Millions in the Latinx community are now encountering another obstacle, access. Access is an obstacle because of certain barriers to entry, like poor Spanish translation of websites that house the information to sign up for the Vaccine. 

The most recent numbers from the Center for Disease Control show that 92M vaccines have been administered across the US; only 9.2% have been distributed to Latinos. Remember, the Latino Population is 18.5%, so this is about half of the Latinx community in the US. Although a good sign, it means we have more room to grow here! 

The situation is still not as good as one would like, but it is getting better as we speak, and this is because of our community. Community groups are jumping in to make sure they help break down some of these barriers to access. 

Across the US, programs are popping up in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Southern California, Colorado, to make the Vaccine accessible to the Latinx community. Homegrown programs are seeing success as they are increasing the vaccination. 

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