Four Latinas in the White House

The Biden-Harris administration holds diversity as a significant issue of our times. The opportunity of diversity offers opportunities for talented individuals and the Latinx community is taking up that opportunity. 

Four  Latinas and their Herstory. 

At the white house, you will find four strong Latino women and their history of migration to the US. Jennifer Molina, senior director of coalitions media. Pili Toba, deputy director of communications. Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon, chief of staff to First lady Jill Biden and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, director of Intergovernmental Affairs, acts as a liaison between local, state, federal, and trivial governments to mold and execute administration policy. 

A Story of Immigration

Jennifer Molina came to the US with her family, who immigrated from Colombia.  “We didn’t have much, and I think that as I grew up with so little, that helped me, Molina said. My mom was a single mom, and I could really see the need for politics in people’s lives.”

Julissa Reynoso, a lawyer and former ambassador to Uruguay, recently went with Tobar to a border facility where minors who have crossed the border are being temporarily held. With the Biden administration grappling with the issue of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, Reynoso spoke about a 4-old girl who was without her father and mother, an image that she says is stuck in her mind. “As a mother, you see the situation of these children, and your soul breaks,” Reynoso said.

Julie Chávez Rodríguez, granddaughter of the late civilian and union leader César Chávez, the image we see behind President Joe Biden’s desk in the Oval Office.  I feel very proud, not only for me but for the Latino community. Is part of our representation at the White House“, Chavez said. She believes her grandfather would ask her to use her position in government to fight for farmworker rights.

When the four were asked if they entertained presidential aspirations, they laughed a little and spoke about the magnitude of the office’s responsibilities. “I think this has made me realize that at no time would I like that,” Tobar said. “I’ve seen how difficult that job is, the tough decisions that have to be made.”

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