Helping Street Vendors One Tik Tok at a time

Content creator Jesus Morales has gone viral on TikTok, and unlike most 24-year-olds who post on the platform, it’s not for some cool dance moves or his lip-syncing abilities. Instead, Morales wants to make a difference in the world in his small but significant way.

In an interview, Morales said the inspiration came when he remembered how much his parents, Mexican immigrants, struggled with money 

“My dad worked multiple jobs, and my mom was a server, and she would tell me that sometimes people would tip her pennies,” Morales said.

What he does is quite simple. He gives away money to street vendors in California. Morales, who goes by the name @Juixxe on TikTok, records himself gifting $1,000 to random street vendors, mainly in Los Angeles. The money comes from his more than one million TikTok followers who donate to the cause.

Morales has given away $90,000 in cash to vendors who are part of the Latino immigrant community. To keep the vendors’ identities safe, Morales never shows their faces on camera.

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