Helping Street Vendors One Tik Tok at a time

Content creator Jesus Morales has gone viral on TikTok, and unlike most 24-year-olds who post on the platform, it’s not for some cool dance moves or his lip-syncing abilities. Instead, Morales wants to make a difference in the world in his small but significant way. In an interview, Morales said the inspiration came when heContinue reading “Helping Street Vendors One Tik Tok at a time”

Latinx Voces & Creators

iHeartMedia will launch a new podcast named “My Cultura,” Its goal is to elevate Latinx creators and voces, but most importantly, to share the Latinx experience with millions of listeners.  In partnership with Enrique Santos, iHeartMedia air personality and President/Chief Creative Officer of iHeartLatino.  My Cultura will offer creators a platform to share stories andContinue reading “Latinx Voces & Creators”

Mexican Americans: 175 years

175 Years  This year marks the 175th anniversary of the United States Congress declaring war on Mexico , an event so significativo it created an entire group of people. “That’s why Mexican Americans exist, because of the fact that there was this war of conquest that was driven by the notion of ‘Manifest Destiny,’ aContinue reading “Mexican Americans: 175 years”

Latinx Caregivers

Caregivers de los Niños The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) discovered that parents are currently spending approximately $42 billion on early child care and education. However, it can be challenging for those working more than one job and/or with irregular hours to find care.  Childcare providers are also suffering from financial hardship, and they are barely makingContinue reading “Latinx Caregivers”

The US Secretary of Education: Miguel Cardona

A Secretary of Education is PickedIn December 2020, Biden nominated Miguel Cardona. In that nomination, Cardona achieved a meteoric rise, moving from the assistant superintendent in his hometown of Meriden, Conn., a district with 9,000 students, to the secretary of education in less than two years.  Cardona, one of the top Latinos in the Biden administration,Continue reading “The US Secretary of Education: Miguel Cardona”

Latino Entrepreneurs Killing it!

Latinos are now the largest minority population to start small businesses in the US. This is because Latin American and Hispanic entrepreneurs are resilient. It is part of our DNA. We come from countries that experience continuous crises, so we are experts in adapting and starting over again. As proof, it is enough to see howContinue reading “Latino Entrepreneurs Killing it!”

Maria Eggers: An Orgullo Hispano

Who is Maria Eggers?  During an inspiring and demanding week,  1st Lt. Maria Eggers has become the first woman and the first Latina from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment to earn the coveted Expert Infantry Badge or EIB.  Courtesy of NBC News What is the Expert Infantry Badge?  The Expert Infantryman Badge, or EIB, is aContinue reading “Maria Eggers: An Orgullo Hispano”

Que Es él BlockChain?

BlockChain – Los Highlights:  Blockchain is a specific type of database. It’s different from a typical database because of the way it stores information. Blockchains store data in blocks that are then chained together.  As new data comes in, it is entered into a new block. Once the block is filled with data, it isContinue reading “Que Es él BlockChain?”