Latin(X) Farm Workers -> Farm Owners

Latinx farmworkers are seeing the opportunities and jumping on the success train by buying failing farms from white owners. A look at latin(x) farmers Tradicionalmente, Latinx farmers have a massive amount of historic knowledge of our food system in terms of organic farming, they make up 3% of farm owners while 83% of field laborersContinue reading “Latin(X) Farm Workers -> Farm Owners”

Latinx Startups Making a Mark!

Oye, did you hear that the number of LatinX-Run Startups is going through the roof? From 2009 to 2019 a 34% increase in startups has made Latinx founders the fastest growing demographic. There’s just one thing. It looks like Latinx-owned businesses start smaller and stays smaller but people are working to fix that, as weContinue reading “Latinx Startups Making a Mark!”

Afro-Latina Leaders are raising and educating us about Blackness in Latinx culture

Let’s start at the beginning – because there’s a lot…. In the US as well as Latin America, Afro-Latinos have historically been marginalized in our history books (i.e.untold stories or removed from stories). Well, A handful of strong Afro-Latina leaders are working to halt that and add their narrative back into the history books. WhoContinue reading “Afro-Latina Leaders are raising and educating us about Blackness in Latinx culture”

Latinos making $$Money Moves$$

A  Stanford Study recently found that in 2020, 8 out 10 new businesses in the US were owned by latinos. In the last 5 years, we’ve been increasing in home ownership. In 2020 we bought 66% of new homes in the US. Not impressed yet? Well, it looks like we’re getting our Education on: MoreContinue reading “Latinos making $$Money Moves$$”

Biden: Reuniting families at the border with an Experto!

The president has created a task force, to be headed by Alejandro Mayorkas. He’s been tasked with reuniting hundreds of children separated from their families at the border as part of Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy. Who is Alejandro Mayorkas? Alejandro is an American Lawyer that was born in Havana, Cuba. He emigrated to the USContinue reading “Biden: Reuniting families at the border with an Experto!”

Breaking down barriers and taking names- Rosie Rios!

Rios is the 6th of 9 children born to a single mother in Hayward, California. She went to a small school you may have heard of Harvard (Sarcasm) and one of her many amigos at Harvard was this muchacho named Obama, someone you may have heard of.  When Obama became president, he asked her forContinue reading “Breaking down barriers and taking names- Rosie Rios!”

Justice Carmen Velasquez is “Shaking Da Table”!

Justice Carmen Velasquez was sworn in as the first Latina president of the Supreme Court Justices group. The Queens supreme court justice was sworn in on January 29th as president of the Association of Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. The justice took the oath virtually due to COVID-19. She’sContinue reading “Justice Carmen Velasquez is “Shaking Da Table”!”

El Tío Bernie and his mittens spotted in México!

Just to show how much Mexico loves Bernie Sander – A Piñata workshop in Mexico is recreating the viral Bernie Sanders meme The vermont senator made waves when he came to the inauguration completely underdressed in a heavy winter jacket and patterned mittens. They were the mittens seen around the world. The very creative EntrepreneurContinue reading “El Tío Bernie and his mittens spotted in México!”